Officina Meccanica Davide Mariani was born in 1946 with “grandfather Primo”, continues in 1962 with “dad Alfredo” from 1994 and continues with its current name, with Davide and his sister Simona, handing down the tradition for three generations. After the moving to a new and larger premises located in Ospiate di Bollate (MI), the company bought new numeric controlled machines, i.e. lathes and machining centers, and a three-dimensional coordinates inspection machine in addition to the traditional machine tools.

Our production includes:

  • knife holders for plastic films and adhesive tapes pressure cutting, granting a blade sharpening service as well;
  • mayer bars for spreading of adhesive materials;
  • precision machining and assembly of mechanical units on customer request.

Thanks to the flexibility and to our machinery, we guarantee the production either of small lots or single pieces; we work any type of material, from steel to alloys, all kinds of stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass and plastic materials: we also guarantee an indoor warehouse.

Our application are machines and plants manufacturers in various fields.

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